More info on SNAP/DUFB

Do you currently receive SNAP benefits and would like to join a CSA?  Here is a little more information on how to do that:

Thanks to the Portland Area CSA Coalition we can now process SNAP benefits for CSA shares.  There is a great matching funds program right now that can be used for CSA memberships called Double Up Food Bucks.  If you purchase a full share from us using your SNAP benefits, the DUFB program will pay up to $200 of the share price for the 22 month season.  If you purchase a half share using SNAP, DUFB will pay up to $100 of the share price.

In order to qualify for DUFB you must meet the following criteria:

  • You or any other family members were not CSA members in 2016.
  • You receive regular SNAP benefits that can be used for food items only.
  • You pick up your CSA share in the Portland Metro area.

DUFB will match SNAP for up to $200 of the share price.  (You don’t have to use SNAP for the full price if you’d prefer not to, but if you use less than $200, DUFB will only match the amount you use. The balance you would pay in cash).

Here’s how it would work:  If you used SNAP to buy a full share from us, payments would look like this:

Full share cost: $620

DUFB match:  -$200

SNAP cost: $420.  The payments for this would be as follows:  In May, a $50 ‘sign up fee’ is deducted, then the remainder is split evenly among the months of June, July, August, September and October.  For our shares that monthly payment would be $74.  (74 x 5months + 50 sign up =420).  This payment would be deducted from your SNAP account at the beginning of each pay period.

A half share would look like this:

$310 half share-$100DUFB =$210 SNAP.  Your May payment would be $50, so $210-$50 = $160.   $160/5months- Your monthly SNAP payments for June-October would be $32.

DUFB is limited-so sign up early!  Those funds tend to go quickly.

Clear as mud?  Contact Laura at