Here is our CSA distilled:

Length:  from mid May to October (@ 22-24 wks depending on weather)

Cost:  $620 for the season.

Drop Sites:  SE PDX at 53rd and SE Salmon Street, SW Portland near 27th and Bertha, Forest Grove.

Drop times:  from 4-7 pm in SE (probably Tuesday), SW 4-7 pm (probably Thursdays), Forest Grove site TBD, (probably also on Thursdays).

Share size:  Standard-good for 2-3 people per week. Our shares are diverse with 10-12 items per share per week, and often include fresh flowers and fruit.

We offer fruit with our shares somewhere between 7-10 weeks out of the 24, depending on availability.

Add ons:  we offer eggs all year, meat rabbit (June, September), meat chicken (late July-early August), Honey (July-season permitting), and Ancona Duck (late summer/fall).  Check our On Farm Sales page here or call us for up to date availability off season.

More details on CSA membership below.  If you would like to sign up for a 2017 CSA membership, please submit this form or email your farmer directly:

NEW THIS YEAR:  We are excited to offer CSA membership to those who receive SNAP benefits-with SNAP and the new Double Up Food Bucks Program CSA membership is very affordable!  Please contact Farmer Laura for more information.

Many thanks in advance to all the CSA members and friends who have signed up for another growing season.  By buying a membership now you give us much needed start up capital for seeds, amendments, tools and equipment.  Before you buy a CSA membership, I encourage you to remind yourself what Community Supported Agriculture is all about.  It is about community, sustainability in small farming, local fresh and wonderful food….. and also the notion of shared risk:  farming is at the mercy of the weather and some disasters may be beyond our control.  We have a diversified farm so a bad year for tomatoes should still be a good year for kale, but be prepared for some inconsistency due to farming faux pas, unforeseen events and vagaries in the weather.   Also know that as the years go on we will have more to offer, especially once our tree fruits and berries mature, our soils improve, and we get better at what we do.  We will do our utmost to provide you with a diverse array of the best food we can grow!

2017 CSA membership:  $620 

To keep things simple, we don’t offer half shares unless you can find someone to split a share (either weekly or by alternating pickups)-Farmer Laura can help you connect with possible share partners.  A few ‘workshares’ (4hrs of work per week in exchange for a share) are also available.  Contact Laura for details and availability.  One share should be enough vegetables for 2-3 people per week.

A share includes 24 weeks of fresh produce over the summer season (mid to late May to October), and also fruit sourced from our farm or from other local farms most weeks.  Weekly share offerings and any available add-ons will be emailed to members a day or so before pickup.  There will be an on farm potluck for CSA members at some time during the season-we encourage you to come see the farm!


Early season share


summer flowers!


mid season share

 Add ons:  extras that are available on the farm for a given week will be emailed to you  a few days before pick up.  Add ons include eggs, honey, bulk items and pastured meats.  Please let Laura know a day in advance so we can pack accordingly.  Vegetable substitutions may be available depending on availability-don’t hesitate to ask.  Look for substitution options in your weekly email.

Going out of town?  Let us know so we don’t harvest for you that week.

Drop Sites: Our main drop site is in SE Portland (on the corner of 53rd and SE Salmon Street),  and we also have a drop in Forest Grove. On-farm pickup will also be available.

We can’t thank you enough for your support of Long Run Farm.  Please give us plenty of feedback; we want to grow what you want to eat!


torpedo onions


cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, and ground cherries

business card size


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