Spring forward


Planting season has begun!  In addition to the 300 daffodils, apples, quince, mulberry, kiwi, plums, cherries, pears, grapes and herbs that have been planted, the annual seeding of the annuals has also begun.  We used to do all that in this tiny greenhouse I built last year:


greenhouse guard services provided by Sancho

That will now be the ‘house garden’ greenhouse (and I may even try to stuff a dwarf peach tree in there….I mean who wouldn’t)?  This year we got a little more serious and built a new 20’x40′ prophouse which will also house tomatoes and other warm season veg in summer and greens in the fall and winter. Eventually we will have two….mwhahahaha.


Mmmmmm, ribs.


yep, this is what my spring break looks like

Once the skin was on and the ends sealed up-I can walk to Mexico from my front door.  Cold and nasty outside?  Warm and balmy inside-it is so nice to have a place to work out of the rain and wind.  The germination station (aka the sweatbox) also got a new plastic skin and heater and is now busy cranking out germinating seeds of all stripes, from Artichoke to Tomato.  It works fabulously-though I have to be careful not to overcook things on sunny days-so far not too many of those!


eeks! leeks!

I am also enjoying that brief season before the field voles find me…. and my germinating seeds.  I am slowly prepping the non-propagation side into garden beds-the first bed of peas is in and up-favas and carrots soon to follow.


peas? please.

Outside the overwintering vegetables are happy to provide after such a mild winter, this is the season for kale and kale raab. The raab roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper….omg.  After a winter of squash and root vegetables it is all I want to eat.  Even better with eggs.



egg rainbow

Otherwise the ducks are also laying-I am experimenting with giving some duck eggs to a broody hen to see if I can add to the Ancona flock. And I have lots of fat bunnies-expecting baby rabbits starting next week, will order the meat birds very soon, also some replacement layers…..here comes the growing season.

I lost one swarm I caught last spring, but looks like the 2 main hives and the other swarm all have made it through winter so far.  Fingers crossed for some fair flying weather for the bees in the coming days (and so I can get into the gardens and do some field prep!)

Look for me next weekend at the PACSAC CSA ‘share fair’ in SE Portland-I’ll be there with eggs and greens and a sign up list!  Last year’s members, if you intend to renew let me know so I don’t give up your space to someone else.  And don’t forget to set your clocks and your faces forward-here comes spring.


stare into this romanesco….you will eat your vegetables, you will eat your vegetables..







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