Where does the time go…..?

Hmmm, I turn around and suddenly it is November.  The CSA and markets ended (for me) in September but we have had plenty to keep us busy.  The big fall farm project has been getting the orchard terraces planted up:  so far I have planted apples, pears, apricots (an experiment) and figs, plus cover crop/pasture grass on the terraces.  Still have some filberts, kiwi, plums and quince to go…..but those will probably wait until spring.


The rains have started in earnest but it continues to be warm-we still have not had a killing frost so I can still find peppers and tomatoes as well as the usual greens and alliums in the garden. I have a better sense of what will grow and hold late into the season for future CSA shares.

late season harvest

late season harvest

The garlic and shallots are in for next season, and the rest of the beds are oversown with cover crop which for the most part is coming in nicely.  Time to get my books in shape and start planning for next year!  Looking forward to a longer better season next year, hopefully a summer that is not quite so brutally hot, and having a few more infrastructure projects in place like some water catchment, and a real prop/greenhouse to play in.  More soon!


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wannabe farmer, urban homesteader, small town girl itchin to move out of the city
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