Establishing Boundaries

The elk fence is up.  We are not finished attaching it to the 10 foot t posts but the actual, physical barrier is there.  Such a load off!  And kudos to the dogs who have kept all the hungry and curious beasts at bay until we were able to get it in place.



It is amazing how the terraces suddenly feel manageable, now that they are delineated.  And it will be fun to trellis things on the fence-marionberries? grapes? kiwis?….I have 600 feet of permanent trellis to play with…..mwahahahaha.

The bird situation is calming down-the ducks are growing fast and in their own field pen which gets moved every couple of days to fresh grass.  Ducks are very messy birds!  They are also more flock oriented than the pullets, smarter, and much flightier.  They are still not sure about me even though I bring water and food every day-as I also bring the dogs which cause them lots of anxiety.  They are beautiful though, and very fun.  On the verge of feathering out, and quacking instead of peeping.  The only one I have named so far is the dark one in front-the runt who needed some medical attention in his/her first days, named Spot Foot.



The meat birds are still in the henhouse, and eating like, well, little velociraptors.  They are very vigorous and active for meat birds, I have been very pleased with the Freedom Rangers.  Once they get a little bigger they will be out on grass too.  Here’s what the field pens look like:  tall enough that I can stand up inside, and light enough (at least the latest model) that I can move it by myself without the dingo.  I should buy stock in livestock panel-I use that for everything (well, except fencing) :).  The meat birds and the ducks will most likely get yards in addition to their field pens so they have more space.



The veg keeps growing, we have another heat wave looming on the horizon for the end of the week, so weeding and watering will be the order of the week after I get the rest of my seeds in.  Happy Solstice!



more mesclun


fava beans

red chard

red chard


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2 Responses to Establishing Boundaries

  1. Kate says:

    Great use of stock panel–we love it, too. Nice long days mean nice long hours, and clearly you have gotten so much done. WWWT (wish we were there). KDB

  2. spudlust says:

    Miss you sis, hope your travels have been fun! D gets much of the credit in the getting fence up department…I sourced materials and ran the fence stretcher (dingo). He mined, set, and pounded the posts. Long hours plus summer cold=tired farmer. Off to pick peas and favas….

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