Fair weather

Not making hay while the sun shone, but at least getting some land prep done with the kind help of my tractor owning neighbor Ron.

raising the raised beds

raising the raised beds

And then amending them with the help of my Six Strong Men-aka the Dingo.

spreading compost is a breeze with a Dingo!

spreading compost is a breeze with a Dingo!

My SSM also helped me dig postholes and set corner posts for the deer fence, using the forks and auger.

Osprey continues to excel as an employee, here she is waiting to start her mowing and fertilizing project for the day:


And…the chickens say that it may Look like Tuesday, but in terms of egg production this is more of a saturday.



About spudlust

wannabe farmer, urban homesteader, small town girl itchin to move out of the city
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2 Responses to Fair weather

  1. Kate says:

    So much progress. So glad employee management is going well, too.

  2. spudlust says:

    Yes, pay (feed) and treat them well, and they will mow and fertilize all day! Need to negotiate with the chicken union though, or I will have to bring in some scabs. (Actually they have been laying pretty well for older ladies).

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