Getting real in 2015

We have been awfully busy on the farm-the house is mostly put back together.  Such a sweet house!  What isn’t done can mostly wait, and we have the city house to work on next.  And now that we have cords and cords of hardwood firewood the weather has been unseasonably warm and dry.  Still, firewood in the shed is like money in the bank, and I am not going to complain about sunny and 60 degrees in February.  Especially when Boston is under 7 feet of snow and it is -15 in Kentucky!

lovely locust

lovely locust

And I finally finished the prop house, just in time to start those tomatoes, onions and peppers, plus some early greens.

first this

first this

then this...

then this…

now this!

now this!

The house is 8×16, made out of livestock panels and 2x4s, total cost @$300.  Plus I can repurpose it when I get some real hoop houses for moveable critter housing.

I planted the shuksan strawberries and purple and green asparagus during this batch of amazing weather, and I also got the little pie cherry orchard in.  And the garlic and leeks look incredible for February!  Now if I can just keep the gophers,deer and elk at bay….

walking onions stretching their 'legs'

walking onions stretching their ‘legs’

Look for your marketing CSA email very very soon.  If you would like to sign up for a share you can use the form below or contact me via email (see sidebar).  2015 shares will be $410 for 17 weeks, or usable over the course of the growing season for whatever we have available.  Members will get emails and I will also post what is getting harvested on the farm here on Mondays. I am also super excited to include with the vouchers a membership to Cook With What You Have, a deep, versatile and local resource for recipes using the veggies in your weekly farm share.


business card size


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