Gettin’ civilized

We have been working away on the house-we now can boast modern amenities like the internet (thus this posting after months of silence),

modern plumbing! Very exciting to shower inside, with hot water.  And we finally got to  send the little green outhouse back to its keepers.  No more rainy treks to the driveway to take care of business….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, just in time for the Arctic Blast (it is ice storming as I type right now)-we have wood fired central heat and it works great.  So many kudos to my husband who plumbed the entire house himself and got the kitchen woodstove and the Homart 24-30C back on line.  The furnace works so well (70 degrees in the kitchen!) I am hardly tempted to fire up the wood stove.  And the fireplace has been sadly neglected since…. we’ll save it for special occasions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI do break away from the never ending sheetrock project to go for rides-Osprey is doing well and is super fun to ride.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had a break in the rain and I took a few hours to move the chickens from their chicken desert to green pastures (which they are quickly turning into a second sahara-or mudpit)


Roosterman is proving to be a fine rooster-he sleeps all night long and only crows a few minutes before D’s alarm goes off.  Plus he is good to his girls and keeps a sharp lookout for hawks and other evildoers.  And he doesn’t mess with me.  People ask me why I keep a rooster and it’s because when you have a good one you have happy hens who forage outside more because they know the big guy is looking out for them.  He is usually the first one out in the morning-and he thoroughly inspected the new enclosure before calling out the all clear to the ladies.  I’ll keep him.  The girls are mostly done with moulting and are coming back into lay slowly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here is a final shot of some of the big game that we see on the farm:


Hope everyone is staying cozy out there!


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wannabe farmer, urban homesteader, small town girl itchin to move out of the city
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