We closed at last! Wahoo!


Singing Bulls

After months and months of waiting, we got a call last thursday night to meet friday morning and sign the papers.  Long Wait Farm is Long Run Farm at last!  We spent the weekend out there, and woke up on Sunday morning to the unreal bugling of a bull elk as the local herd of 80-100 animals made their way past our property.  So beautiful, and such a strange sound-if I didn’t know they were elk I wouldn’t be able to imagine what would make that noise….land whales maybe?  Space aliens?

We spent the weekend out there-moving trailers and tools mostly, and on Sunday we really started digging in.  Our neice Osa and her family came by to help-we swamped out and shored up the chicken coop, and opened up the bottom edge of the walls to increase ventilation.  We will make some removeable screens that pull off which will make that house much easier to clean.  Osa has been raising chickens for us so we will have an insta-flock as soon as the house and fencing are ready.

swampin crew

swampin crew

shoring up the coop floor

shoring up the coop floor

We swamped out the main area of the barn too.  I could almost feel good about putting a horse and some goats in there now.

hay rick cleanout

hay rick cleanout


Our grandkids came to visit last week so we actually moved the bees first.  They seem to like their new home, and it doesn’t hurt that there are acres of red clover a 5 minute flight away.  Plus lots of wildflowers.  They have the best view on the farm.

new digs for the bees!

new digs for the bees!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is too late this season to grow much in the way of vegetables, so we will concentrate on getting our infrastructure in for next year, and getting our Portland house ready to put on the market.  We may have some pastured rabbit, eggs and honey for sale later in the season, I’ll keep everyone posted.  We will also have some work parties!  We have finally landed and we are so excited!

tired farm hand

tired farm hand


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2 Responses to We closed at last! Wahoo!

  1. tbnranch says:

    Good for you! Don’t work too hard now. 🙂

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